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Six Acre Capital is a real estate developer, owner and operator launched in 2019 by Jake Borden and Mark Lansman. Leveraging the principals’ prior institutional experience coupled with a boots-on-the-ground operational mentality, the primary focus for the platform is acquiring, repositioning, and developing multifamily and mixed-use assets. Implementing a hyper-focused geographic investment approach, Six Acre pursues opportunities strictly in Philadelphia (its primary focus) and the Tri-State Region allowing for a hands-on execution.

Six Acre’s Principals were most recently Vice Presidents with NYC-based Churchill Real Estate Holdings. At Churchill, the Principals closed over $1.5bn in debt transactions and equity investments. This included spearheading development efforts for NYC development projects and leading acquisitions/execution of several multifamily and mixed-use properties. The principals were also an integral part of the company’s credit originations platform, where they executed over 30 acquisition, bridge, and construction loans, and purchased non-performing, defaulted notes during their time with the firm.



Six Acres’ Principals have worn many different hats, working in a variety of disciplines in the industry including acquisitions, asset management, construction, and capital markets. The Company prides itself on unique structuring and problem-solving, thinking outside-of-the-box to unlock value in creating superior risk-adjusted returns for its partners and investors.


Maintain a Geographic Micro-Focus: We strive to know every owner, asset, trade, metric, community stakeholder, and market participant. Dipping toes into new markets is not something we entertain without extensive research and conviction as it is a recipe for failure.

Balance Immediate Returns & Downside Protection: We compromise on yield in pursuing defensive markets with strong investor demand to mitigate exit risk.

Exhaustive Iterations in Planning Phase: We aim to distinguish ourselves from the competition by employing innovative and fresh, yet contextual design and programming to avoid becoming a commoditized product.

Community Collaboration: We foster strong relationships with local stakeholders throughout the development process and understand the needs of the communities we build and own within.


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